Everyday Practice 2020













《新來者》 Newcomers

Acrylic on canvas and fabric, ink and acrylic on silk, acrylic board
70.5 x 40.5cm each,
a set of




Flux Factory附近有一所給Newcomers就讀的High School。我每天經過,偶爾看見進出的年輕人。我只能觀乎校園外表,卻不知道他們的生活。或者,我只是借用學校外觀,轉化成抽象的方格與圖象,去思索我自己的創作。畫布、絹、塑膠彩、墨及膠片,已成為近年我的操作習慣。我不想原地踏步,也不該固步自封,正如當代水墨早該離開半個世紀前前輩藝術家的嘗試。全組作品均差不多在Flux Factory完成,創作過程儘管緩慢,我知道我需要在每一個步驟上給自己時間,去反問、回答及修正。作品上句子,摘自Newcomers High School手冊上共同遵守的校園文化理念。


There is a school for newcomers near the Flux Factory. I pass by every day and I see the exterior of the building and young people going in and out, but there is no way for me to know more about their lives. I have merely borrowed the look of the building and transformed it into abstract grids to compose my paintings. The combination of canvas, silk, acrylic paint, ink and acrylic board has become a staple of my artistic practice. I do not wish to repeat myself or set any limits, just as modern Chinese ink artists should have left behind the style they had been using for half a century. Almost all pieces of this set were completed during my stay at the Flux Factory. I know that I need to give myself time to ask questions, answer them and revise my work at every step. The sentences on the painting come from principles of community building for all members of the Newcomer’s High School, taken from a handbook of discipline codes.